70s Seventies Glam and Rock Classics Performed Live - Sweet FA,  Est 1997
We're Back - Stronger Than Ever!

Three guys prancing about in outlandish costumes, wigs and makeup, precariously balancing on platform boots and all the while putting on a show to remember, playing the best in 70s glam and rock. That pretty well sums up today's Sweet FA!

They are a 70s glam and rock tribute band with a long history and considerable calibre. Formed in 1997, the band has played a large variety of venues from pubs and clubs to theatres and have even headlined a number of outdoor festivals and played regularly until guitarist and founder member Nikki Staxx moved to France in 2011.

After a 4 year hiatus, when everybody thought it was over, a winter visit by Nikki and a chat over a pint in his former local with fellow members Mic Stand, Gray Beard and Syzee Cointreau, the idea of a winter reunion was born.

Sadly, singer Mic was forced to retire in 2016 due to ill health, however the remaining members ultimately decided to continue, with Nikki, Syzee and Gray sharing the vocal duties.

Due to Nikki's commitments in France, the band currently do mini tours between December and March, but the guys make the most of it by going all-out on performance, making their shows well worth the wait! The latest dates can be seen on the dates page.